Cambodia Fragrant Rice | Jasmine Rice (Neang Malis Rice or Phka Malis Rice):

It has a natural aromatic flavor with a small content of chalky kernel. After cooked, it becomes more fragrant, tender and tasty.
Jasmine Rice 100%, Jasmine Rice 5% broken 
Extra well milled, polished, sorted...

Cambodian Ginger Rice | Phka Knhei Rice:

This type of rice has been cultivated in wet season (from April – November) throughout Cambodia, this (non-fragrant) long grain rice has the most superior quality comparing to other White Rice.
Ginger Rice 5% broken 
Extra well milled, polished, sorted..

Cambodia White Rice | Long & Medium Grain Rice:

Cambodia White Rice is the long grain type. When cooked, it has a firm texture and gives a high volume of cooked rice.
White Rice 100% Sorted and Polished, 5% broken, 10% broken, 15% broken, 25% broken
Extra well milled, polished, sorted...

Cambodia Brwon Jasmine Rice :

Jasmine Rice from which only the hull has been removed but the bran layer left on, so it still has many nutrients such as Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, Vitamin E, fiber antioxidants, and etc. 
Brown Jasmine Rice 5% broken
Simi-milled rice, paddy: 1 Grain/Kg, Red/red str. kernels: 0.25%...

Cambodia Broken Rice:

During the milling process, broken rice is separated from the White rice, whose shape remains intact. In other words, broken rice is the damaged White rice, Jasmine rice,...
White Rice 100% broken, Jasmine Rice 100% broken 
Red/red str. kernels: 0.25%...

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