Cambodia Brwon Jasmine Rice :

Cambodia Brwon Jasmine Rice :
Jasmine Rice from which only the hull has been removed but the bran layer left on, so it still has many nutrients such as Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, Vitamin E, fiber, antioxidants and etc. The advantage of these nutrients can help prevent aging of cell from free radicals and help reflect a youthful appearance and prevent cancer cells. When cooked, it has a slightly chewy texture and a nut-like flavor. Brown rice is a natural source of bran. It cooks in approximately 25 minutes.


Brown Jasmine
5% broken



  • Simi-milled rice
  • Broken: 5% Max
  • Moisture: 14.0 % Max
  • Foreign matter: 0.1% Max
  • Chalky kernels: 2% Max
  • Yellow kernels: 0.5% Max
  • Damage kernels: 0.25% Max
  • Glutinous kernels: 0.25% Max
  • Paddy: 1 Grain/Kg
  • Length of kernel: 6.3 mm
  • Red/red str. kernels: 0.25% Max

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