White Gold is now well exported to European markets where Form A (No-Import Tax) apply to Cambodian Origin. Importing rice from Cambodia will benefit buyers approximately around €170 per metric ton, after the European Union has lifted Cambodia imports under EU's zero-tariff "Everything But Arms" trade initiative in 2009.

Cambodia had been granted tax free to the agricultural products from China, Europe and Russia.

Packaging and Loading

Packing is possible for customer's brand or our own brand and up customers need from 1kg - 1,000kg.

PP/PE , PP+PE , Single PP Bags or Single Jute Bags or Double jute bags are also possible

Clearance Documents

Below are all the certificates that are provided to the buying party:
General Documents:

1. Commercial Invoice
2. Packing List
3. Phyto-Sanitery Certificate
4. Fumigation Certificate
5. Quality Certificate 
6. Quantity and Weighting Certificate 
7. Original Bill of Lading 
8. Certificate of Origin (CO), or Form A 

Extra Documents Upon Request (Certified Body, Intertek) 
9. Aflatoxin Certificate (B1, B2, G1, G2) 
10. Non-GMO Certificate 
11. Chemical Analysis Certificate 
12. Pesticide Residual 
13. Nutrition Fact (US-FDA) 
14. Others

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