Production Process & Quality Control:

Over half of the world’s population has chosen Rice as their staple food. Most of the production processes are similar in Asia except for organic rice production and our production is the same also. After a process of planting, harvesting and drying rice, goes through the milling process to go through a sophisticated cleaning process whereas the broken are separated, polished and sorted later on packed in Bags.

Quality control program involves correlating front-line inspectors to our standard references:

Our rice millers are working together with us maintains strict quality control by using advanced technology and qualified people to maintain the exported rice quality for client utmost satisfaction.

Besides our rice millers we do put highest importance in quality control whereas our appointed inspectors and buyers’ appointed inspector work closely to maintain the proper quality of rice.

Generally, the inspection is done by a Government Officer, an independence surveyor, and our in house rice inspector, to inspect all lots of rice production.