White Gold Import Export Co., Ltd.  is a professional rice manufacturer and trader in Cambodia which has been producing high quality of rice since 2005. With the qualified production standard, White Gold has been recognized in White Pigeon brand name, one of the leading rice exporters, and in other brands for the international markets. Our infrastructure is equipped with two modern rice mills powered by husk power-generating system, which is eco-friendly power system. The mills are located in Battambong province where the best quality and biggest quantity of rice are processed. White Gold’s mills have capacity to produce up to 5,000 metric tons of rice per month for local market and international export. White Gold works in partnership with local farmers to cultivate 5,000 hectares of rich soil in the Battambong, and have supported them from seed selection to harvesting, advising the right grains and fertilizer, and financing and consultation on proper ways in growing rice. We strictly comply with international standards in term of selection, procurement and processing of rice paddy. Apart from having our own mills and partnership with local farmers, we also outsource to various certified mills in Cambodia to give the best quality to meet our clients’ needs. Our major export markets are Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, European Countries, and the United States of America, etc. Our team consists of dedicated professionals who are striving hard to cater to the varying needs of our customers. Cambodia Rice History: Cambodia is an agricultural country for thousands of years ago. Eighty per cent of the total population is farmer, who mainly produces rice over nearly 3 million hectares of fertile land (2,617,420 Ha). The current yield of paddy is around 8 million tones in 2010. 3 to 4 million tones of paddy yields are exported to Vietnam and Thailand for processing and exporting to the world market. Cambodia has many types of rice while the most needed for export is fragrant rice (Phkar Malis or Jasmine Rice, Phkar Rumdourl, and Senkro Oup), long grain white rice (Phkar Khnei or Ginger rice, Neang Menh, and IR), and medium grain white rice (Neang Kon, etc.). Currently, Cambodia is developing its agriculture sector and pushing exporting, and expect to be world supplier of rice. White Gold is ready to be a leading company to supply you premium quality10 of rice with a competitive price. Cambodia had been grained tax free to the agricultural products from China, Europe and Russia.