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White Gold Rice

At White Gold Rice, we specialize in curating an extensive selection of premium rice varieties meticulously tailored to your preferences. Our outstanding features include:

  • Customized Variety: Embrace the freedom to choose from a diverse range of specific rice types, ensuring a personalized culinary experience.
  • Quality Assurance: Our commitment to delivering the highest quality rice elevates your culinary creations.
  • Flexible Packaging: Whether you require 1 kg or 1 ton, White Gold Rice offers adaptable packaging options to meet your commercial needs.
  • Commercial Partner: Beyond a product, White Gold Rice is your trusted commercial ally, providing tailored solutions for all your rice requirements.


Premium Aromatic Rice

Premium Aromatic Rice, a seasonal variety that thrives exclusively during the wet season, encompasses several distinct types: Phka Romdul, Phka Malis, Phka Romeat, Phka Rumdeng, and Somali. These rice varieties share common characteristics, including: 

Extra-Long Grains: Each grain is elongated, contributing to its elegant appearance.
Soft Texture and Tenderness: When cooked, it maintains a delightful softness.
A Little Sweet and Sticky: It offers a subtle sweetness and stickiness, making it perfect for various dishes.
Distinctly Pleasant Aromatic Flavor: The rice emits a captivating fragrance reminiscent of jasmine blossoms.
Captivating White Color: Its appearance is akin to a pearl, with a pristine white hue.
Highly recommended for home consumption, especially when used in Asian-style cooking. When aged for at least 6 months, it becomes ideal for preparing steamed rice or fried rice.

Cambodia Fragrance Rice

Cambodia Fragrance rice or Sen Kra Ob rice is a remarkable non-seasonal rice variety that thrives in both the rainy and dry seasons, provided that water is available. This exceptional rice can be defined by its distinctive characteristics:
• Soft Texture
• Sweetness
• Aromatic Flavor
• Tenderness
• Long grain
It is highly recommended for commercial Use “Hotels, Restaurants, Catering, etc.” When aged for at least 4 months old, it can be used to cook steam rice or fried rice, although it may exhibit a slightly less aromatic flavor compared to its fresher state. Despite this, Sen Kra Ob rice remains a versatile and sought-after ingredient, perfect for various culinary applications.

Premium White Rice

Premium White Rice is a nonseasonal variety that includes several distinct types: Ginger Rice, Phka Chan Sen Sar, CAR 4, CAR 6, and Riang Chey. These rice varieties share common characteristics, such as white endosperm kernels, a distinct white color, and a soft texture after cooking. They are also known for their versatile and delicious flavor. 🍚🌾